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Zero Net Energy - Updates!

California is requiring all new homes and small multi-family to have solar panels starting January 1, 2020!

The original policy for net metering in California is very simple: for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar electricity you feed into the grid, you get a bill credit for one kWh of utility-generated electricity. When your solar panels produce more than you need, you “bank” the excess to use when your panels don’t produce enough to meet your monthly use. If your system is the right size, net metering makes it possible for you to cover your electricity use for the entire year with solar.
  • SDG&E: Net metering reached its cap in the summer of 2016, which means that new San Diego solar system owners are currently enrolling in net metering 2.0.
  • PG&E: PG&E reached its net metering cap on December 15, 2016. All new PG&E solar customers are being enrolled in NEM 2.0.
  • SCE: The original SCE net metering program is expected to reach its cap by summer 2017, at which point all new solar customers will also enroll in NEM 2.0.

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